Did You Know This About Sheep? [INFOGRAPHIC]

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We’ve created an infographic sharing some surprising and interesting facts about sheep!

Sheep Facts Infographic - Better Animal Welfare
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Facts about sheep!

  • Sheep’s eyes have rectangular pupils which allow them to have a 270 to 320 degree field of vision. This means that they can see almost everything around them, except for what’s directly behind them, without having to turn their heads.

Sheep are pretty clever…

  • Sheep are able to self-medicate by using plants and other substances that otherwise
    hold no nutritional value to them to prevent or treat disease, and teach their
    young to do the same.
  • Many studies have shown that sheep have the ability to feel afraid, angry, bored,
    sad and happy. 
  • Sheep can learn how to navigate out of complex mazes.
  • Sheep can be trained to recognise human faces from photographs – and can even
    identify the picture of someone they know without any training at all!

Sheep are sensitive creatures..

  • Sheep hide their pain: a sheep is much less likely to show obvious signs of pain than
    a domestic dog. This is believed to be the case because they are a prey animal
    and signs of weakness can attract predators. Because of this, when a sheep does
    show visible signs of pain, it usually means it is experiencing a high level of
  • Isolation causes them anxiety: the heart rate of sheep increases by 20 beats per minute when they are unable
    to see the rest of their flock.
  • Sheep get very stressed by threats – studies show their heart rate can increase by 84 bpm when a person with a dog approaches

Sheep are very social…

  • study revealed that sheep can recognize up to 50 other sheep faces, and remember them for two years.
  • Sheep are able to recognise different emotional expressions, such as pictures of sheep with calm expressions, startled expressions and fearful expressions.
  • Sheep develop complex social structures and establish firm friendships within their flocks. Stronger members of the flock even intervene in fights on behalf of their weaker sheep friends.

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