Promoting better animal welfare through education and awareness

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What we do

We create easy to consume and visual educational content about animal welfare, with the hope that it will encourage us all to make changes to improve animal welfare standards.

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How we do it

Through our social media, visual content, online presence, infographics and learning resources, we will share information, news and research about animal welfare. We believe in working collaboratively to encourage and promote real world changes.

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Why we do it

We want to improve animal welfare standards for all animals – across pets, farm animals and wildlife.  These improvements might be small, but they make a big difference to the animals they affect.

Help us spread the message

Help us get the message out there – by sharing our infographics, liking us on social media, and promoting our visual content. It really helps us to get the message out there and helps to raise more awareness about animal welfare issues.

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